Activol® is a gibberellic acid (GA3) plant growth regulator registered for use on table grapes, tomatoes, and potatoes. A highly effective growth promoter, Activol is used to increase size and quality of fruits, vegetables and other crops.  It is essential for optimum growth and development and plays a role in the regulation of other plant processes such as flowering, seed germination, dormancy and senescence. Here’s a brief summary of how Activolworks in labeled crops:

In table grapes, Activol promotes stretch in the cluster, thinning of the berry, and enlargement of the fruit, improving cluster quality and yield.

The superior solubility attributes of Activol 40%

Sizing RulerThe sizing effects of Activol have been a cornerstone of table grape production for more than 50 years.

In tomatoes, Activol helps plants get off to a good start by promoting early growth, which is especially important when lower than normal temperatures are expected and growth of untreated plants would normally be slowed under cooler conditions. It also increases fruit set and promotes fruit growth.

In seed potatoes, Activol breaks dormancy and stimulates sprouting.


Seed Potato Field 

Soluble Granule

Activol 40SG (water soluble granule) contains the most concentrated active ingredient (40%). It is convenient to transport, handle, and store and is very stable over time, even in a wide range of temperatures. This formulation is highly soluble and dust-free.

Always read and follow the label instructions when using any VBC product.